The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming of the Shrew

In 2006 we were invited by the Theatre Department at Douglas College to create a student-driven, gender-bending production of Shakespeare's comedy. Generally hailed as a comedic masterpiece yet scrutinized for its approach to gender politics, the play was a perfect choice for a large student cast. Complete gender-blind casting threw new and questionable light on the play and brought to the forefront some of the issues still facing contemporary artists when approaching classical work.

Cast and Creative Team 

James Simpson - a Lord
Patrick LeBreton - Christopher Sly
Jennifer Nesoldy-Power - Hostess of an alehouse
Gabriel Forsythe, Corey Douris - Huntsmen
Carling Bizovie, Mariko Zamani, Devin Johnston - Servants
Nick Hugh - Bartholemew, the Lord's page 
Meaghan Cahill - Lucentio
Jackie Korb - Tranio
Karen Nowak - Baptista Minola
Tanya Anastasiadis - Gremio
Julianne Appleton - Hortensio
Mike Cope - Bianca
Andrew Barber - Katherina
Jeanna Haddow - Biondello
Maryanne Renzetti - Petruchio
Krissy Jesudason - Grumio
Carling Bizovie - Curtis
Andrea McPhee - Pedant
Karolina Piszczek - Vincentio
Devin Johnston - An officer

Stephen Drover - Direction
Francesca Albertazzi - Set and Costume Design
Shannon  Frederickson - Lighting Design