Last Days of Judas Iscariot

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

In 2008 we discussed with Pacific Theatre our joint interest in the play The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis - a time-bending story that places Judas Iscariot on trial for betraying Christ. At the time, the substantial cast size made the project not possible for us to produce. But another solution was arrived at: 14 actors would be engaged for a 2-week period, rehearse for 2.5 days and present an “extended staged reading” in a 10-day run. Actors would carry scripts, use minimal props & set and sparse lighting and sound resources. The project was both an experiment in an alternative production form and a solution to telling a story that needed to be told.

It was a resounding success, for the company, for the artists and for audiences. The project was an excellent opportunity for us to stretch our mandate and explore a contemporary play that is rooted in myth and classical narrative. Presenting Biblical and historical characters in a contemporary context and vernacular proved to be a successful path in achieving a sense of the “timeless” (then = now), a main objective for Pound of Flesh Theatre. 

Cast & Company

Bob Frazer - Judas Iscariot
Camyar Chai - Jesus
Katharine Venour - Cunningham
Marcus Youssef - El-Fayoumy
Kevin McNulty - Judge Littlefield
Denis Simpson - Simon Zealot / Pilate
Alexa Devine - Mary Magdalene / Loretta / Sister Glenna
Erla Faye Forsythe - Henrietta Iscariot
Dawn Petten - Mother Teresa / Gloria
Sarah Afful - St. Monica
Ben Miller - Bailiff / St. Matthew
Michael Kopsa - Satan / St. Peter
Anthony F. Ingram - Sigmund Freud / St. Thomas
Ron Reed - Butch Honeywell / Mathias

Stephen Drover - Direction
Jessica Howell - Stage Management